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Cyber Monday Week Sale

Take advantage of Cyber Monday sales (all week here)! It's our first sale of this kind and the and the savings are huge. Don't miss out amazing services and products that will greatly assist on your inclusion and diversity journey in 2023 and beyond!

Check It Out! Savings end this Friday, 12/2/22 at midnight!

Inclusion Insights Burst-Learning Video Series*

Get the highly acclaimed video series for only $9,995 ($45,000 savings). Normally the 25 video series is $54,995 for the lifetime license. Get the special pricing this week, and this week only. Learn more about the video series here.

Inclusion Academy 2023 - Webinars/Workshops Component*

Provide monthly live virtual webinars and workshops (see tentative schedule of webinars/workshops) to your entire organization for only $19,995 for the year. The value of the virtual sessions (minimum of 16) is over $100,000. Conducted by Dr. Robbins, the webinars and workshops will give people in your organization a continuous learning opportunity and momentum to keep the inclusion and diversity conversation going. Learn more about the Inclusion Academy 2023 here.

Inclusion Academy 2023  Component 1 - Learning Cohort Group*

Join other inclusion and diversity champions in a year-long journey of learning, sharing and networking as part of the Inclusion Academy Learning Cohort. The group meets virtually for an hour each month with two planned in-person meetings in June and December 2023 (see tentative schedule of meetings). At each monthly meeting Dr. Robbins will provide a learning piece for the group and the group will assist each other through sharing best practices. The planned in-person meetings will each be a "2-day retreat" of sorts where the group will pause to reflect and continue to learn and fill their engine and toolbox for the tough but rewarding work of inclusion and diversity. Normally $35,000 for two people, during Cyber Monday Week the cost is $5,000/person. Learn more about Inclusion Academy 2023 Cohort Group here.

*Purchase any of the above and receive Dr. Robbins' most requested keynote content in an hour-long video. The "Your Brain is Good at Inclusion...Except When It's Not" video provides a paradigm shifting, science-based perspective of inclusion and diversity and other related issues. ($1,995 value) Learn more about the video here.

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