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Understanding Systemic Racism

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Racism is a complex phenomenon that few people understand well. Indeed, many people believe they have a fairly good grasp of the issues and yet would be hard pressed to provide much information, data or knowledge that would indicate a more than a surface level understanding. What the general public often sees and understand are the symptoms of racism, the proverbial 10% tip of the iceberg. What most miss is the remaining 90% of the iceberg, hidden from their experiential viewpoint. One can think of this as the invisible operating system that is often meant by the term “systemic racism.” That invisible system, how it operates, and its effects can be made visible however if one is willing and motivated to take a deep dive of discovery, with a curious and open mind. On the issue of racism, it is true that "a little knowledge can be dangerous." Or in this case, a little knowledge can prevent well-meaning people and well-intended leaders from arriving at solutions that would benefit everyone.


The special workshop offers listeners a powerful spotlight on the subtle, hidden aspects of racism and systemic racial bias, helping participants escape the handcuffs of superficial knowledge and allowing them a deeper understanding of the how, what, and why of systemic racism. Good intentions and well-meaning efforts to create diverse and inclusive environments often fall short when lack of knowledge and misunderstanding of the problems exists. Unlike some racism-oriented presentations that point the finger of blame, Dr. Robbins’ session provides a safe and blame-free environment for learning and introspection. This does not mean that there will be no discomfort. Discomfort and dissonance can be used as motivation to open one’s mind, and maybe discover that one's strongly held beliefs and opinions may have been built on a foundation of incomplete and maybe even false information.


Listeners of the Understanding Systemic Racism Presentation talk will walk away with:


  • A better understanding of “systemic racism” and how it’s much different than what people think it is

  • A deeper appreciation of how past events can produce a system invisible to those who lack historical knowledge

  • An insightful understanding of how well-meaning, well-intentioned, NICE people can be an obstacle to truly addressing systemic racism

  • Insight into how one can have racism without racists

  • Things they can do, as individuals and as an organization, to more effectively address racism

  • Skills they need to begin to address any ism, like racism

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