What is Inclusion Academy?

Inclusion Academy is a year-long (12 months) experiential journey designed by Dr. Steve L. Robbins and S.L. Robbins & Associates to assist in the growth of those doing the rewarding, but often difficult work of inclusion and diversity within their respective organizations.  One part networking and collaboration, one part professional education and development, and one part social and professional support group. Inclusion Academy provides participants (and their organizations) valuable resources as they build and cultivate an inclusive culture where diversity is leveraged.


What do my organization and I receive with Inclusion Academy?

Inclusion Academy provides participants and their organizations access to a diverse bundle of services and products (valued at over $500,000) that will greatly assist them on their inclusion and diversity journey, at a fraction of the normal cost. The services and products are listed below:


 1) Cohort Class: Individual participants will be part of a cohort group that meets virtually twice a month. These 50-minute sessions will engage participants in cutting-edge training and development, allow them to network and learn from others with similar responsibilities, share stories and best practices, and refresh and re-energize with like-minded others in their cohort group. One meeting will focus on learning, tackling topics and subjects that will assist in building their professional toolbox for issues of inclusion and diversity. The second meeting will place a greater emphasis on creating an ongoing community of professional (and social) learning and support that can continue beyond Inclusion Academy.  ($25,000 value)


2) Organizational Workshops/Webinars: Full access to monthly virtual education and training workshops conducted by Dr. Robbins. These workshops (and additional “pop-up” webinars) are available to all associates/employees of participating organizations and will cover topics that range from unconscious bias to understanding systemic racism to the neuroscience of belonging. Designed and developed to help organizations with ongoing training and education, they will also serve to keep relevant issues of top-of-mind and enable more curious conversations with respect to issues of inclusion and diversity. Whether you and your organization are just getting started or are well-down the path of inclusion and diversity, these workshops provide an easily accessible and readily available opportunity for all members of the organization to cultivate their curiosity for and learning about relevant human behavioral issues.(More than $300,000 value)


3) Training Videos Library: Full access to Dr. Robbins’ extensive library of training and education videos which includes the very popular Inclusion Insights burst-learning videos, the Inclusive History and Heritage series and the 3 R’s of Mindful Engagement. Moreover, “bite-size” training videos will be produced on a monthly basis that can be used for continuous learning and to trigger more mindful and inclusive behaviors within organizations. (More than $100,000 value)


4) Inclusion Index Research Project: Participating organizations will have access to Dr. Robbins’ proprietary Inclusion Index as a means of measuring Inclusion within their organization. The index measures three factors (Belonging, Fairness, Authenticity) using a pulse methodology. Participants and their organizations can choose to take part in a year-long study, learning how to implement the survey, collect and analyze the data which can be shared with others in the cohort for learning, and comparison purposes. (More than $100,000 value)


5) Discounted Services/Products: 10% to 20% discount on any additional services (e.g., keynote presentations, private workshops) and products (e.g., customized training videos, organizational consulting) offered by S.L. Robbins & Associates. (Variable value depending on services sought)


6) Author/Book Contribution: Individual participants will have the opportunity to author a short-story for a collaborative book to be published at the end of Inclusion Academy.


7) Professional CEUs: S.L. Robbins & Associates is working with accreditation bodies (e.g., SHRM) to provide participants with CEU’s for their participation in educational workshops offered by the academy.


8) Face-to-Face Meetings: Pending COVID restrictions, a total of three in-person, two-day gatherings for individual participants will be part of Inclusion Academy. The first is tentatively scheduled for June 2021 (somewhere in the Midwest, Chicago?) as a kick-off meeting, the second gathering is targeted for December 2021 (somewhere in the south, Miami?) as a mid-journey check-in, and the final get-together for review, next steps, and celebratory “graduation” (potentially New York?). 


Who should take part in Inclusion Academy?

Inclusion Academy is specifically designed for those responsible for inclusion and diversity efforts within their organization, ranging from Chief Diversity Officers to VP’s of Human Resources to Human Resource Managers, as well as other directors and leaders. Participants will be part of a cohort group throughout the entirety of the year-long academy, learning and growing as a community of allies for inclusion and diversity.


When Does Inclusion Academy Start/End?

Inclusion Academy will be launched June 1, 2021. As the first year of the program, instead of being 12 months longs, it will be 15 months long ending August 31, 2022. Early adopters receive an extra, bonus 3 months of programming and services at no additional cost.


What is the Cost?

Participation in Inclusion Academy provides a great value for organizations committed to the inclusion and diversity journey. Cost is laid out below:



Each package allows for one individual to participate in the cohort group. Additional participants are $10,000/participant for a second person and $5,000/participant for any other participants from the organization.  Participants per organization may be limited, dependent on size of cohort group.


*Organizations that have already purchased the Inclusion Insights video series (lifetime license) can reduce the fee of the Platinum and Diamond packages by $10,000.

We'd like to participate, but don't have the budget this year. What can we do?

If you don't have enough dollars in your budget this year to take part in Inclusion Academy, we will work with you to create a payment plan over two or three fiscal years to ensure that your participation becomes a reality. We'd just ask that you make a nominal downpayment in this fiscal year to secure your organization's participation in Inclusion Academy.

What happens after a year, once Inclusion Academy ends ?

Once the year-long program ends, we are planning on continuing with year two, then year three, and so on. We will adjust services and products in subsequent years with input from from Inclusion Academy participants to make sure participants get the greatest value for their time and financial investment.

Is there an Early Bird sign-up discount?

We would love to reward those who sign up early (by April 30, 2021) with an additional 10% discount off the Diamond ($9,000 discount) or Platinum packages ($7,500 discount). With that said, we will only be providing that discount to the first 20 organizations to sign-up. If you have serious interest in taking part in Inclusion Academy then we suggest you register quickly. We are confident, based on initial interest, that slots will fill up quickly. And as a reminder, in this first year, you and your organizations will receive an extra three months of the academy (15 months instead of 12 months) so your financial investment in this first year is an even bigger bang for the buck.

How do I sign up for Inclusion Academy?

If you would like to get more info and/or sign up for Inclusion Academy, please contact Dr. Steve Robbins via email ( or mobile/text (616.818.6485). Mention "Be Curious" and receive the Diamond Package of services ($90,000) for the Platinum package price ($75,000). 

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