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Inclusion Academy 2024
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Webinar: The Neuroscience of Inclusion

Wednesday, January 31, 2024 - 12:to to 12:50 PM ET
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Breaking Bad Bias
February 15, 2024 - 1:30 to 2:30 PM EST
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Often called a "diversity expert," Steve readily admits that he doesn't know if that's the right title.  Steve considers himself more a life-long student of human behavior. For him, issues of inclusion and diversity are fundamentally issues of human behavior in a world filled with human differences.


His life experiences and academic background in communication science, social psychology and cognitive neuroscience create the foundation from which he crafts his talks and workshops. That science-based foundation guides his work and allows him multiple perspectives that he brings to bear on issues of inclusion, belonging and diversity.

An inspirational speaker, he engages and captivates audiences all over the world (in-person and virtually) with his compelling stories and keen insight into human behavior. His presentation style is often described as a mix of Bill Nye the Science Guy, Saturday Night Live and The Big Bang Theory. 


Steve presents around the world to a variety of audiences. From keynote speeches to facilitating workshops and virtual webinars, his engagements are an opportunity to teach others about the value of inclusion and the power of diversity. His talks are a combination of intriguing stories, laugh-out-loud humor and a scientific understanding of human behavior.​


His life experiences and academic background in communication science, social psychology and cognitive neuroscience are the foundation from which he crafts his talks and workshops. That foundation guides his work and allows him multiple perspectives that he brings to bear on issues of inclusion and diversity.


In a collaboration with S2S Studios, S.L. Robbins & Associates has created multiple video series to jumpstart your organization's inclusion and diversity training. Experience these short, burst-learning videos with all of the humor, neuroscience and compelling storytelling that Steve brings to his live presentations.



This video series contains practical training for combating your brain's unconscious tendency towards mindlessness.

As entertaining as your favorite television show, there has never been a more engaging way to learn to mindfully engage.


Sixty-four (64) animated videos that spotlight "hidden figures" during recognized history months like Black History, LGBT+ Pride, and more.


Learn about individuals who have impacted our history but have gone virtually unrecognized... until now.



This "burst learning" video series is perfect for any organization looking for long-term growth.


Based on the exercises from Steve's book "What If? Short Stories to Spark Diversity Dialogues" these 25 videos are perfect for teachable moments. 



You can now purchase a video of Steve's presentation, "Your Brain is Good at Inclusion... Except When It's Not!"


This is Steve's most popular, in person, presentation. Contact below for pricing!


     “From the first time I heard Dr. Robbins, I knew I could listen and learn from him over and over and over!  The content he provides, along with his style and delivery, are nothing short of, simply put, amazing!  His knowledge of the human brain, human behavior, and how it all works together to create inclusion is not only informative, it's fun to learn!  He has definitely changed mindsets all over my organization starting at the top with our Senior Level Executives! Dr. Steve Robbins is a true ROCK STAR!"

LaTricia Hill-Chandler - Director, Diversity and Inclusion, Arvest Bank.

     "Some people view life as a glass half full. Some people view life as a glass half empty. Dr. Steve Robbins will have you viewing the glass of life completely differently and from all angles by challenging you to think more lightly about yourself and more deeply about the world. His incredible sense of humor, exceptional storytelling, deep knowledge and captivating personal story enables you to grow as a person, professional and leader. He will compel you to rethink your view of the world. In the end, there is no choice but to become more enlightened by his teachings."

R. Matt Davis - President of Dow North America & Senior Vice President of Global Corporate Affairs 

“Dr. Steve Robbins is an artful storyteller who blends a witty delivery with compelling content to drop serious knowledge about the neuroscience of unconscious bias and its effects in an insightful and memorable way. He’s revolutionizing the way corporations approach inclusion & diversity programs by challenging us to rethink everything we thought we knew about this work – ultimately leading to a paradigm shift from compliance mandates to results-oriented transformational change. Through the power of curiosity, Dr. Robbins is helping us recognize and mitigate the negative effects of noise, outsiderness and the social pain of exclusion by fostering a culture that is more empathetic and inclusive of all.”

Kevin J. Frazier - Senior Director of Global Culture Diversity & Inclusion, Walmart Inc.


The inclusive power of his messages are why organizations like Coca-Cola, Disney, Walmart, NASA,  Pixar, Microsoft, Michelin, Toyota, Lululemon and numerous others call on Dr. Robbins to inspire, educate and prepare their people for the exciting challenges of dynamic and diverse environments.


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