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Don't be a Loser. Listen to Socrates.

“When the debate is lost, slander becomes the tool of the loser.”

I love this quote from Greek philosopher Socrates. What Socrates was referring to is what we now call an ad hominem attack. Translated from Latin to English, ad hominem literally means, against the person. Ad hominem attacks target some aspect of a person, such as their character, their personality, their way of doing things-- really anything about them!

Ad hominem attacks are light on critical analysis of the position and heavy on criticism of the person. Ready to be mindful of your internal states and how they impact your interactions with others? Check out the S.L. Robbins Inclusion Insights video series, where you can take steps towards overcoming hurtful biases like ad hominem attacks. Click here for more information.

And remember, be less certain and be more curious!

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Great advice!

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